WebCME in Diabetes
Innovation in Professional Education

WebCME takes pride in offering doctors a positive learning experience

WebCME is a nationwide e-learning facility offering high quality Continuing Medical Education for medical professionals. Over 100 qualified doctors are targeted to successfully complete CME courses from WebCME every year, and all from the convenience of their PCs. In addition to convenience,
On-line CME eliminates lost clinic time associated with classroom-based courses
Fast Turnaround
Score and pass/fail notification is sent on the same day an exam is taken online.
WebCME proposes so much more in near future :

The choice to receive all course material on-line or as paperback books.
No Price
Free facility includes shipping course material, exams, certificates, support and reporting to accreditation agency.

What is WebCME in Diabetes?
WebCME in Diabetes is dedicated to providing fast, inexpensive and high-quality training solutions for certified medical professionals. Specialized and self-paced instruction saves time and expenses associated with seminars and travel.

What is self-study Continuing Medical Education?
Self-study Continuing Medical Education courses are correspondence programs. WebCME proposes to provide course materials (textbooks and tests) which can be studied at leisure. WebCME courses can be selected to enhance professional knowledge. Since no specific classroom time is required, multiple choice questions must be answered to ensure Accreditation agency that sufficient training time was spent and proficiency was attained.

What are the Advantages to Self-study for Professionals?
Save Time and Money- seminars involve travel expenses and lost clinic time.
Convenience - self-study courses can be completed at convenience.
Pace - self-study courses are completed at a pace that allows learning the subject.

How long do I have to complete the course?
Each course or a randomly generated exam with 10 questions generally must be completed within one week of the date of first attempt. As courses are continually updated,  the completed exam is submitted for CME credit at the earliest convenience. If  logged into WebCME course more than 1 year ago and has been inactive, validity of a course needs to be re-determined.

Where do I get hard copies of my internet delivered courses?
RSSDI Text Book of Diabetes Mellitus released in July 2002, priced Rs.1400 +postage is available from The National Book Depot, 11/1 Rakhangi Mahal, Acharya Donde Marg, Parel, Mumbai 400 012, prachint@bom7.vsnl.net.in
  tel  416 5274, 413 1362  fax  413 0877 mobile 98210 77915. 
1. A relook into animal insulins, Prof. Sam. G.P. Moses, Chennai; 2. A selective manual on few aspects of insulinology (based on a national debate on natural insulins versus synthetic insulins in question and answer format), Prof. Sam. G.P. Moses, Chennai; 3. Diabetes care, advantages of natural insulin, Arthur Teuscher, Switzerland;4. Youth onset diabetes in India : nature of diabetes and problems of insulin treatment in them, Prof. N. Kochupillai and Dr. R. Goswami, New Delhi; 5. Prion Diseases, what clinicians and diabetologists should know, Prof. N. Kochupillai and Ms. Jenny Hirst, Ms. Margie Baker. - are some of the publications of USV Ltd obtained free of cost from USV Ltd.

How will WebCME propose to deliver course materials?
Via the Web, or if preferred, WebCME couriers hard copy of course materials.

Is WebCME an approved course provider?
Yes, WebCME meets the requirements for offering continuing medical education courses.

Can I use WebCME courses to meet the requirements for accreditation ?
WebCME will have all the rules that apply to RSSDI accreditation.

Does WebCME notify my Accreditation Agency?

WebCME will notify the appropriate accreditation agency viz. RSSDI or any other agencies as applicable.

Do I have to take an Exam?
Yes. After completing the WebCME course material, each exam is taken by choosing right answers for 10 randomly selected questions from a large question bank of 2,500. When completed, this exam is preferably posted online or mailed back offline to WebCME for grading.

How do I know how many credit hours a WebCME course will receive?
Each successfully completed exam with 50% correct responses receives one Credit. An online facility displays the list of courses and exams taken alongwith credits obtained by individual doctors.

How does grading work?
Question data bank has 2500 single-response MCQs,10 questions are randomly generated in each WebCME course or exam, and they are valid for one week.
After studying the course materials, choosing right answers for 10 questions in each exam must be completed within seven days.
A passing grade of at least 50 per cent must be attained in each of 100 exams before Credits and a Certificate of Completion of WebCME (Competence with 100 credits) will be awarded.
Successful completion of 20 courses or exams and obtaining 20 WebCME credits also fulfills partial requirement of the Accreditation Program to recognize Clinicians for providing primary care in Diabetes,
There will also be a course evaluation form that must be completed. For convenience and offline mailing, a self-addressed envelope will be provided to return the materials. If an envelope is  misplaced, an Exam or WebCME course evaluation form can also be sent to us at: WebCME : School of Diabetology, Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad 500 082.
The offline grading process typically takes thirty business days from the day all exam forms are received. Once exams have been graded and a passing grade is attained, a Certificate of Completion is mailed. 
It is proposed for a WebCME representative to call and notify for retaking the test free of charge, if a doctor does not satisfactorily complete WebCME.

Certificate of Completion of WebCME _____________________________________________________________

 NIMS Diabetes Online Learning Center Acknowledges that
Dr. . . . . . . . .
has completed the webCME in Diabetes, attained 100 Credits
and is now eligible for
Certificate of Competence
as a part of the    
by the University Department of
    Endocrinology and Metabolism, Nizam's Institute of Medical
    Sciences, and Vuk Vrhovac University Clinic for Diabetes,
    Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases, University of Zagreb to
    recognize Clinicians for providing primary care in Diabetes