At the 25th anniversary meeting of the Society, Prof. M.M.S. Ahuja has decided to take steps for formation of a diabetes research forum with a seed money donation of Rs. one lakh. Following his sad demise, it is proposed that the objectives of this forum shall be met through an independent team of eminent teachers and researchers under the guidance of Prof. K. Kannan, Madurai in association with Dr. C.S. Yagnik, Pune; Dr. Ajay Sood, New Delhi; Dr. Eesh Bhatia, Lucknow; Prof. K.M. Prasannakumar, Bangalore and Prof. R.V. Jayakumar, Kottayam.

A corpus fund of Rs.10 lakhs will be raised and managed by Prof. K. Kannan in Madurai, for disbursing the annual interests accrued as diabetes research grants. The first donation of Rs.21,225 to this trust was received from Professor Paul Zimmet, International Diabetes Institute, Caulfield, Australia on October 27, 1998.

Generous donations to this good cause are solicited from all clinicians, researchers and sponsors, to be remitted in favor of Ahuja Research Fund a/c, Madurai and sent to

Prof. K. Kannan,
MADURAI 625 020 TN,
tel 0452 726434 533563 537266
fax 650122 .